After 300 years, a traditional craft still flourishes

Bankoyaki pottery has been a mainstay of the local culture here in Yokkaichi, Mie for centuries. Indeed, it is said that the name Banko derives from the inscription that the founder put on his works that expressed his desire that they should live on forever. In 1979, Bankoyaki pottery was designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry、as official Traditional Craft Products of Japan and, even today, the “purple clay” teapots (Shidei-Kyusu) are widely known.
Suigetsu Toen seeks to balance innovation with observance of the old traditions, for instance by fusing conventional methods with modern decorations. Little wonder the Mie prefectural government has designated it a “Mie Brand

Over the centuries

<Kozaburo, “Suigetsu I” (1869 – 1930)>
●Retired from job as postmaster and began creating bankoyaki pottery from wood casts
●An amateur haiku poet, he signed his pottery with his haiku penname

<Gen, “Suigetsu II” (1901 – 1990)>
●Given “intangible cultural property” status by Yokkaichi City
●Received the Mie Prefecture Distinguished Service Award
●Received the Yokkaichi City Distinguished Service Award for Culture

<Hiroshi, “Suigetsu III” (1944 – )>
●Full member of the Japan Kogei Association
●Traditional Craftsman
●Received the Yokkaichi City Distinguished Service Award for Industry
●Received the Yokkaichi City Distinguished Service Award for Culture
●Received the Mie Prefecture Cultural Award

Suigetsu is a bastion of the centuries-old traditions of Bankoyaki pottery.
Hiroshi, third to bear the name Suigetsu, his wife Kishiyo and their two boys Jun and Ushio.
Successive generations have dedicated themselves to this traditional craft, which still thrives today, as evidenced by the impeccable quality of our products.


Suigetsu holds tours to enable visitors to see the production process in action. Don’t miss this opportunity to see skilled craftsmen apply their traditional handmade pottery techniques.

Entry: Free

Duration: Approx. 40 min


A rare opportunity to see and hear how a teapot is made.


Delicate Morie painting using traditional methods.

Wood casting

An ancient crafting method unique to Bankoyaki.

Climbing tunnel kilns

Each piece is placed in a wood-fired kiln for a week.

Gas-fired kilns

Used around 30 times a year.


One-of-a-kind sandblasting technique results in intricate designs.

Make your own pottery

Come and try your hand at pottery! Choose from three courses: Throwing with an electric wheel, hand-kneading, and painting. Make your own unique bowls, cups, and other pottery.

Pottery courses


3,500 yen per person (excl. postage for sending completed items)

Approx. 60 minutes

Wheel throwing

Each piece is placed in a wood-fired kiln for a week.

Hand kneading

Fun and easy! This is the way to make a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


The ideal way to commemorate your trip! Why not decorate a piece of pottery in your own unique way?

Exquisite ceramics available for purchase

Suigetsu Toen has a broad range of items made right here on site available for viewing and sale.

●All purchases are carefully packed to prevent breakage.
●We accept Visa, DC, MasterCard, and UnionPay.

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Mie Prefecture

Suigetsu Toen is located in Mie Prefecture, a wonderland of lush verdure and pristine seas, the scene of many of Japan’s most famous myths and legends, and host of the G7 Summit in 2016. With tourist attractions, eateries, and accommodations galore, Mie is the ideal tourist destination.

Transport & Access

<By Train> Approx.1.5 km (20 min. on foot) from Kasumigaura Station on the Kintetsu Railway Nagoya Line.

<By Car> Approx. 4 km from Yokkaichi Higashi IC on the Higashi-Meihan Expressway (Parking available)

Booking form is here